Emergency Advice

Loss Of Power To Premises

If you experience loss of electrical power to your home/premises, go to your fuse board and check MCB's (Circuit Breakers) if any are in the off position switch them back on.

All of the MCB's may still be in the on position, if this is the case and you have no power within the premises. Contact your local electricity distributor to find out if there is a wide spread power outage to your area.

MCB (Circuit Breaker) Will Not Reset

If you have found that one of your MCB's is on the off position and will not reset when switched into the on position. First you need to find out what this is supplying within the premises e.g. lights, sockets etc.

Once you have established what is on the circuit go around and unplug/switch off everything on this circuit. Go back to the fuse board and re-set the MCB. If it holds in go back and switch everything back on until you identify the faulty item.

The MCB may not reset even if everything on the circuit has been isolated. If this is the case contact us and we will be able to send out an emergency electrician to identify the fault.

RCD Tripping

Depending on the type of fuse board you have, parts of the installation may be protected by a 30mA RCD. If this is in the off position and will not reset, first of all switch off all the MCB's that are protected by the RCD.

Now with the MCB's off, switch the RCD back on. Then switch each MCB back on until you find the faulty circuit. (the RCD should trip again). Once you have identified the faulty circuit, follow our 'MCB Will Not Reset procedure above' until you have identified faulty appliance/fixture.

If your RCD is still tripping/won’t reset please do not hesitate in contacting us and we can arrange for an emergency electrician to attend, and carry out fault finding procedures.

Lights Not Working

You may find that none of your lights are working within the premises. Go to your fuse board and check the MCB's (Circuit Breakers). If the lighting circuit is off, re-set this back to the on position. Typically in most circumstances a light bulb blowing can cause the circuit to trip.

In the event that you are not able to reset the MCB, follow our fault finding procedures. If you are still left with a faulty circuit, contact us. We can arrange for an emergency electrician to attend, and carry out fault finding procedures.